Congratulations on your purchase!

Congratulations on your purchase!

If you’re seeing this page, it’s because you made it into the Golf Body Tune-Up!

IMPORTANT:  Here’s a few things to note:

1 – The content for the Exercise & Stretching Routine and the Flat Belly Golfer Challenge will be delivered through a private Facebook group (or can also be accessed via an online membership site if you wish to not use Facebook). Here is the link to the private Facebook group.


You’ll want to visit that link and then click on the “join” button to request access. When you click that button, you’ll need to answer the questions that pop up to help us verify that you’re a customer and we’ll approve your request generally within 24-48 hours or you can access the content via the membership site immediately.

2 – In the meantime, we’ve also hosted the content for the 28-Day Golf Body Tune-Up and the “GBRx Finishers” (only IF you chose to add the finishers to your order) to a customer only website where you’ll be able to get access to these as well. You will receive an email with the link to that and your special login details.

3 – As a bonus, you’ll also get FREE access to accountability & support from myself and other GBRx customers inside the private Facebook group just for us. Note: The accountability & support will go for 28 days, but you’re free to go through the program(s) at any time before then or after as you have lifetime access to the program(s).

4 – You will receive 2 emails from Golf Body Rx

One is a receipt of purchase and one contains your login info, username/password and log in link.

If you don’t see either of them please check your spam folder.

If you have any problems getting access please email me at

5 – We will do our utmost to make sure everyone gets necessary program access instructions, however, in the unlikely even that you don’t receive an email from us with your login details, then please email us at to let us know and we will get that resolved. There are sometimes email deliverability issues where we’ll send an email and it could get stuck in your spam folder or in some cases get blocked from going into your inbox by your email service provider. We’d like to get ahead of that, so in the unlikely event you don’t hear from use, please let us know.

Important! Golf Body Rx Academy Buyers please see below:

The Academy content can be accessed through with the same log in for the Golf Body Tune-Up. Here you can access the 12 week Golf Body Transformation program and the three Fluidly Dynamic Flexibility courses. The weekly emails containing the routine of the week will start the first Sunday after your purchase and you will receive a routine every Sunday from then on.

Important! Custom Plan Upgrade Customers please see below:

You will receive two additional emails. These emails may not come immediately, please give me 1-2 days to review your assessment and prepare your Golf Body Rx App.

The first will be from Benjamin Arnold, M.D. with a subject line welcoming you to the upgrade. This email has the link to the intake form to complete your assessment.

Once you complete your assessment you will receive an email form Golf Body Rx with the subject line “activate your member account for Golf Body Rx”. This is a separate site from the core 28 day golf body tune-up program and you will need to active your account before I am able to load your custom workouts. This email also contains instructions to download the Golf Body Rx App (only available to custom plan upgrade customers).

If you don’t see either of them please check your spam folder. The Golf Body Rx activation email has a bad habit of going to spam.

Thanks again and welcome to the Golf Body Rx Community!

5 – And finally, one more thing… could you do me a quick favor and complete the following sentence?

“I bought the Golf Body Tune-Up bundle today because…

    Useful Resources For Golfers

    Here are some useful resources for golfers who want a more enjoyable game…

    A – Does your SHORT game stink right now?

    Here’s how other golfers are now shooting lower scores, putting less pressure on their long game, and having the best short game in their group… To learn how they’re doing it, click here.

    B – Stressing over your golf swing?

    Try the one move that resurrected Ben Hogan’s career. It’s simple and isn’t some physics concept that takes an advanced mathematics degree to learn.. it’s easy to learn whether you’re 8 or 80 and will “free your mind” to play with more confidence and enjoyment… Click here to learn how