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Thanks for Purchasing the GBRx Whole Enchilada!

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You will have access to the Academy, 28 Yards in 28 Days, and Golf Body Tune Up.

Custom Plan Upgrade: 

You will receive two additional emails.  These emails may not come immediately, please give me 1-2 days to review your assessment and prepare your Golf Body Rx App.

The first will be from Benjamin Arnold, M.D. with a subject line welcoming you . This email has the link to the intake form to complete your assessment.

Once you complete your assessment you will receive an email form Golf Body Rx with the subject line “activate your member account for Golf Body Rx”. This is a separate site from the core 28 yards program and you will need to active your account before I am able to load your custom workouts. This email also contains instructions to download the Golf Body Rx App.

If you don’t see either of them please check your spam folder.  The Golf Body Rx activation email has a bad habit of going to spam.

28 Day Golf Body Tune Up and Flat Belly Golfer Challenge: 

We will be in touch soon to on-board you for the next challenge.

Thanks again and welcome to the Golf Body Rx Community!

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